Nice WingoKit 4024


The kit contains:
WG4024 2 surface-mounted electromechanical gear motors, with Nice key release.
FLO2R-S 1 transmitter 433.92 MHz, 2 channels. MC424 1 control unit with SMXI plug-in receiver.
MOF 1 pair of photocells for outdoor installation. MOSE 1 key selector switch for outdoor installation.
ML24T 1 flashing light with integrated aerial. PLA13 2 travel stops for opening manoeuvres.TS 1 signboard.


  • For swing gates with leaves up to 2 m, surface mounted.
  • 24 Vdc electromechanical gear motor.
  • Compatible for operation with Solemyo system.
  • Patented layout of the internal components: fewer moving parts means greater reliability and quiet operation.
  • Easy to install: after the gear motor has been assembled, all electrical connections are made from above.
  • User-friendly release with personalised Nice key or standard lock (optional).
  • Pre-assembled, travel stops PLA13 on opening.

    New Moonclever control unit MC424:
  • simple programming, by means of a single key;
  • clutch with anti-crush safety feature;
  • automatic memorizations of limit switches on opening and closing with self-learning function;
  • programming of pause time;
  • pedestrian pass door;
  • deceleration on opening and closing;
  • obstacle detection system;
  • can be linked to the 8.2 KOhm resistive sensitive edge;
  • continues to work even during power failures using optional (PS124) batteries that fit inside the control unit.

Technical specifications

Code WG4024
Electrical data
Power supply (Vdc) 24
Absorption (A) 3.5
Power (W) 85
Built-in capacitor (μF)
Performance data
Speed (m/s) 0.018
Force (N) 1500
Work cycle (cycles/hour) 30
Dimensional and general data
Protection level (IP) 44
Working temp. ( °C Min/Max) -20 ÷ +50
Dimensions (mm) 770x98x95 h
Weight (kg) 17

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