Auto Sliding Gate

The sliding gate operators are used to drive sliding gates for industrial, commercial and residential uses. The operators can be fitted with gear wheel according to your needs and featured with powerful starting strength, capable of overwork at short time. In case of power failure, an emergency release key allows operate the gate manually.
Sliding Gate Automatic System
 1)Power Supply : 220V + 10% 50Hz2)Motor Speed : 1400rpm
3)Operation Thrust : 370N
4)Maximum Weight of Gate : 1600kg
5)Opening Speed : 12m / min
6)Noice : < 65dB
8)The self-locking electromechanical gear motor keeps the gate completely closed motor torqueb adjustment
9)Emergency release key in case of power failure
10)Heat protection and waterproofExternal Dimension : 260mm(L) x 150mm(W) x 240mm(H)
Weight : 18kg
Gear Rack

Module = 4
4 pcs in 1 carton
1005mm x 30mm x 12mm
Weight 10kg







State of The Art Micro-Computer Controller
1)Auto-reverse on closing if it hits an obstacle
2)Stopping on opening if it hits an obstacle
3)Control to stop immediately at any time when gate is moving
4)Limit switch N.C/N.O selectable (using micro-switch)
5)Automatic lighting control with optional photo sensor
6)Dual lighting mode control : Follow or delay selectable
7)Led indications for easy installation and fault diagnosis
8)Photo Electric beam control input available
9)Adjustable forcing sensing trimmerExternal Dimension : 310mm(L) x 250mm(W) x Depth-60
Weight : 1.8kg
Transmitter and Receiver

Type : Battery-Operated, Crystal controlled frequency.
Modulated radiowave
Range: Effective 40m, Maximum 60m
Passcode: Set by 8X3 ways switches easily accessible and change by owner
Battery: Under normal usage, a 12V, battery should last 6months
Case Size: 50mm(L) x 35mm(W) x 12mm(H)
Weight: 0.3kg